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A day in the life of a serial procrastinator

February 16, 2011

9.00am – Awakened by the annoying sound of the alarm clock going off.  Surely getting up this early isn’t can’t be healthy! Hit snooze.

10.00am – Snooze button is still being hit every 10 minutes.

11.30am – Roll out of bed with one eye still closed, and think about all the job applications that should be filled out today.  Mentally groan.

12.00pm Showered and dressed, sitting in front of the laptop with the first page of the job application on the screen and rearing to go.  Sipping on some coffee.

1.30pm ‘Name’ section on job application has been completed and two cups of coffee have been finished, the past hour and a half has been spent obtaining important knowledge about the world by reading people’s facebook statuses. 

2.00pm Filling out the “address” section on the job application form and notice that Jerry Springer is on TV, surely it’s time for a break?  Stare at the screen and watch two men fight over a woman who turns out to be a transsexual.  What is the world coming to?!

4.00pm Two hours of trashy daytime TV later; complete filling out the ‘address’ section and take another break to make a sandwich, and then decide to give the kitchen a good old clean while listening music and all of this somehow lasts two hours.

6.00pm Back at the laptop, right, must get this done.  Proceed to fill out education section.  Hmmm a quick check to see if anybody has updated their facebook status, what if something big has happened?  OMG so and so are engaged!  He’s not very nice…hmmm she could have done better.  Oh look pictures from somebody’s birthday party!  Must have a quick flick through.  What is she wearing?!

8.00pm Spent 2 hours one facebook, must get back to application form damnit!  Fill out education section and casually look at the TV guide.  CSI night!!!

8.15pm Start watching CSI whilst in front of laptop trying to complete application form.  Get dinner and continue watching CSI, type another word on the application form.

12.00am Damn that was a lot of CSI, hmmm oh yeah the application form.  Start filling out the ‘Previous Employment’ section

12.15am fall asleep on the laptop ZZZZZZZzzzzzz

 To do list for tomorrow:  Complete application form. 

Procrastination Chart

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  1. sweetlyshattered permalink
    February 18, 2011 5:27 pm

    Oh man, sadly sounds like me. Dude that was awesome. I loved this, it’s amazing.

  2. February 18, 2011 5:33 pm

    hehe glad you liked it 😀 thank you, I think everybody must have a seriel procrastinator inside of them somewhere to be fair – some more than others 🙂

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