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Independent Woman

April 6, 2012

She’s a modern-day independent woman in a high-powered job, in a position of power.  Long gone are the days where women suffered unequal rights and oppression.

ImageHer face is cleansed, toned then moisturised and painted with makeup in an attempt to achieve that flawless airbrushed look.  Her eyebrows have been painfully plucked two days ago to achieve that arch-with-an-attitude look.  Hair styled and teased, then sprayed with a generous amount of toxic-chemicals hairspray.

She walks with an air of confidence.  Self-assured, she holds her head high and is unafraid to voice her opinion.  Today she is dressed in an outfit designed by Georgio Armani; a tight pencil-skirt clings to her lower body, stopping above the knee in that ‘sexy-but-professional’ look she’s trying to achieve.  Her blouse is low enough to teasingly reveal a small amount of cleavage, ‘without being slutty’ she thinks.

As she walks through the office and cheerfully greets colleagues she is aware of the lingering appreciative glances of men – she thrives on those.  To know that she is attractive, and wanted boosts her confidence further and she inwardly smiles to herself, her stride becoming a little more confident by the minute.  The men steal discrete glances at her, mentally undressing her.  Her high-flying status fades away in their eyes and she becomes merely eye-candy.

She sits down on her chair and subconsciously clutches the hem of the skirt to pull it downwards, in an attempt to provide more coverage.  Self –consciously, she ensures her legs are placed together in a stiff posture, any wrong movement or crossing of legs may lead to indecent exposure.  She walks across the office to get some coffee, sucking in her stomach until she is safely back at her desk again.  She spends the rest of the day fully aware of her movements.  Through the course of the day quick glances in the mirror are needed to assure her that she still looks appealing, she touches up her make-up in the bathroom a few times and positively notes of yet more appreciate male-glances.

This is our modern-day successful woman.  She struts through life wearing clothes mainly designed by men…in order to please men, and then she gets that confidence boost she needs by knowing that she looks appealing.  She is intelligent and has a sparkling personality, yet she sees less of that and more of what the mirror shows her, and more of how people perceive her.  So fussed and bothered about how people perceive her, she is a slave to the rules of modern-day westernised society.

They say our modern-day women have freedom.


I say our modern-day women should be more than just eye-candy.

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  1. April 6, 2012 8:16 pm

    Absolutely fantastic. Exposing the harsh truth of today’s modern woman, being chained just the same, but in a different form. Not understanding where true liberation lies. Sad reality. A succinct but powerful post. Love It!

    • April 6, 2012 9:15 pm

      Always makes my day when you like a post of mine seeing as your blog is one of my favs 🙂 thank you and I wish something could be done to change it.

  2. April 7, 2012 3:11 am

    i agree
    appearance has taken center-stage everywhere
    it is appalling
    i mean, I know how humans tend to flock to something good-looking
    but still, we should know better
    beauty is only skin-deep
    character is what really matters at the end of the day

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